Architect Theatre re-images and re-designs a consultation process for a major historical infrastructure project. The comic meets the sublime meets the bureaucratic in this chaotic and emotional work, bringing focus to the human in the landscape of ‘Progress’.

In 2012 and 2013, Architect Theatre travelled throughout Northern BC and interview a cross section of people: those strongly against and for the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, residents of First Nations communities, politicians, industry representatives, and activists, as the proposed path for the pipeline passes through many sensitive natural areas where endangered languages are spoken. Architect Theatre is in the midst of creating a play using recorded interviews and live theatre to address issues of communication, environment and economics. We are interested in the language people use about pipelines, the languages which precede pipelines, and the language of progress. Joining us for this project is an incredible group of artists, including Siminovitch Protege award-winning director Anita Rochon, performer Paula-Jean Prudat, visual dramaturg Clea Minaker, and sound designer Antoine Bedard.

Created by Georgina Beaty, Antoine Bédard, Andre du Toit, Clea Minaker, Jesse Orr, Paula-Jean Prudat, Anita Rochon, and Jonathan Seinen; Directed by Anita Rochon; Visual Dramaturgy by Clea Minaker; Performed by Georgina Beaty, Paula-Jean Prudat, and Jonathan Seinen; Projections Performed by Jesse Orr; Sound Design by Antoine Bédard; Lighting Design by Andre du Toit; Production and Stage Management by Victoria Wang with Rachael King. Produced by Architect Theatre. Special thanks to Yvonne Lattie.

Live video documentation and editing Yuula Benivolski