Premiere of the SummerWorks 2014 run of I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think of You. Hosted by Zeesy Powers.

With: Mr. EightySix, Rachel DeBruwer, John-Philip Faienza, Zachary Nathan Pearl, David Heti, Sheila Heti, Mark Mann. Camera: Yuula Benivolski, Zoe Lepiano. Editing: Catherine Ribeiro, Zeesy Powers. Technical Assistance: Alisson Escobar. Contract Handler: Maya Path.

Zeesy Powers “I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think of You” Performance at Powerball, The Power Plant, Toronto, June 6, 2013.

"The opinions expressed are those of the artist and have no bearing on you as a person. For entertainment purposes only." - Participants volunteered to be taped and have their image projected on a monumental scale while the performer told them exactly what she thought of them in front of a live audience. No audio was recorded, only the silent reactions to what each person was told. Zeesy Powers, 2013

camera by Yuula Benivolski

and more at I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think of You YouTube Channel