Yuula Benivolski is my go to person for live video capture for my dance narratives. She has the singular ability to immediately identify what's interesting and render a beautiful composition. Her videography is like a dance in itself. In her work, she is deeply grounded with a connection that seems to flow from her subconscious instinct informed by precision and craft. I haven't even begun to speak of her photography. She is one of my favourites.
- Sook-Yin Lee, musician, filmmaker, visual artist, actor, dance theatre maker, radio and TV broadcaster

"I have been working with Yuula for almost ten years. She takes the best photo and video documentation, and always delivers a finished product that matches my requirements. She is focused, and able to adapt quickly in live situations. She is fabulous independently as well as in small and large crews, and thorough in every aspect of technical setup and workflow. Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a photographer or videographer, I suggest Yuula as my top choice."
- Zeesy Powers, multidisciplinary artist

"Yuula showed up on time, had the right equipment for the job and listened to what I wanted in terms of documentation style and format. She was willing to re-shoot anything that needed fixing or was missed on the first round. The image files arrived in my inbox clean and edited and ready to use. Highly recommend."
- Penelope Smart, independent curator

"Usually performance documentation is beyond depressing - I've seldom found it captures the potency of the live event. The only time I have ever been truly satisfied with documentation of my performance work is when Yuula created a gorgeous suite of videos capturing my piece Attila Richard Lukacs in Hollywood. Yuula elevates performance documentation to art in it's own right."
- Jordan Tannahill, playwright, filmmaker, and theatre director

"Because a lot of the work I make is performed live, documentation is extremely important to me. If I don’t have good documentation, it’s nearly impossible for me to communicate what it is that I've done after the fact. Yuula has consistently produced the best documentation of my work. Her photos convey important information while remaining visually compelling, which is a tricky balance to achieve. I never have to worry when she’s behind the camera."
- Bridget Moser, performance and video artist

"I trust Yuula to be creatively uncompromising, technically savvy and aesthetically smart."
- Barbara Lindenberg, dancer and choreographer